About The Hollow Knowledge Crew

We are a few intelligent chaps bringing you everything you want to know about geek culture without the diluted opinions that the big name sites throw at you everyday.  We write everything from opinions, reviews, and up to date news stories that we all care about.  Anything and everything from: video games, movies, music, comics, and tech.  We’ll also be bringing you Youtube Videos, Twitch Marathons, and Podcasts.  You can also follow us on Twitter.  So stay tuned, follow us, and let’s explore this world together.


Sean “Sherlock” Prince- Host of the Hollow Knowledge Gamer Podcast and Co-Host of the Hollow Knowledge Podcast.  He’s also the resident video game and movie reviewer.  He has a strong background in video game playing, movie watching, and sarcasm during inappropriate situations.  He’s a Sagittarius whose archery experience includes firing Light Arrows and reading Hawkeye comics.  Follow him on Twitter.

djDavid “DaveTodd” Todd- He’s the kind of guy that wears a hat with a suit.  Our resident comics expert, don’t mention comics unless you have time to hear endless rants.  He’s Co-Host of the Hollow Knowledge Podcast and a veteran Batman groupie.  He enjoys retro-video-games and long walks on the beach while watching football.  Always willing to speak his mind and give an honest opinion, gets him edited out the most.  If you have a question dealing with mathematics or if Batman could win a certain fight, this is the guy you would ask.


Josh Ratcliff-­ The kind of man that grows a perfect beard to hide his inner 13 year ­old.  Specializing in old­school gaming, comics and poké­-rapping.  When this guys around watch your girlfriends or he might just give them their Final Fantasy.  If you find yourself cornered by this Mega Man out on the Streets of Rage it might come down to Mortal Kombat.  Also Zelda.


Stewart Reep- If it’s worth trying once, Stew’s the first in line. With notable ancestors like Genghis Khan and Clint Eastwood, Stew is a force of category 5 nature and a sexual tyrannosaurus. From his conspiracy theories to his habit of being totally unprepared for podcasts, he enjoys being a part of the Hollow Knowledge crew and sharing interesting stories and ideas for your reading pleasure.  

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